Breast Augmentation – My Love of Boobs

Disclaimer: I have been told that not everyone has an experience like this – some people have much less pain but this is what it was like for me.

I had wanted boobs forever.  They are the first thing I notice when I see a female and not because I have sexual feelings…but because I want them for myself (mind you that would be cool if I did have other feelings…I just don’t. I still wanted boobs of my own though).  I have never had large breasts but even at my highest weight they were just a B, albeit a small B and lacking any real cleavage.  

In high school I wanted bigger boobs so badly that the bras I wore could double as pillows.  As I got older and learned to love and accept myself the way I am, I became comfortable in my own skin and embraced the A-club.  I would wear lacy bralettes with tank tops and often go braless – because I could.  I was never embarrassed about having small boobs with men and it never bothered me but I still always wanted bigger boobs.  A solid handful is something I have always wanted!

I have always said I wanted bigger breasts and joked about getting a boob job but never really took any action toward it (as it is stupid expensive!).  But in the summer of 2014 I received a small inheritance (basically the costs of boobs…meant to be?) and in the summer of 2015 I finally started really doing some research.  I knew that I wanted silicone, under the muscle implants with the incision under the breast as under the muscle looks more natural and the incision is easily hidden with a bra. Then it came to picking a doctor.  After extensive research (lots of review readings and website searching) I decided to go with a well-known doctor in Toronto.

My first consultation was October 16, 2015 and that is where it became real.  It cost $100 for the consultation and I knew that once I spent money on it, it was happening.  My Dr. asked me the look I was going for and he took my measurements. I told him I wanted women to look at me and think “damn she has boobs” but not “oh yea those are fake”.  He then recommended three sizes I could pick from based on what would fit my body and anatomy.  At the end of the appointment I paid the $1000 deposit and booked the date (November 20, 2015)! It was happening.

My second and final appointment was on November 9th and mum came with me.  I tried on the three sizes again and mum and I both agreed that I would go with 365cc (the biggest size he suggested).  My boobs were a size 32 A at the time.  I paid the balance that was due and was given a massive list of things I could not eat for the next two weeks – including alcohol…and it was my birthday!




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