November 24, 2015 – Day 4 Post-Op

I don’t think I can even explain the pain that began soon after.  I was still drowsy from the anesthetic but the nausea lasted all night.  I hadn’t eaten all day and desperately wanted Swiss Chalet but the smell of it almost made me throw up.  All smells were making me feel sick.  The only thing I could keep down were popcorners chips and an apple (very random).  Mum made popcorn and that smell almost made me throw up too.  I was also in so much pain, even with the Percocets.  I could not stand up on my own, open a pill bottle, and basically move at all.  It is unbelievable how EVERYthing involves your pec muscles! Like forget sitting on the toilet…or if I got that far I sure wasn’t getting up on my own.

I legitimately felt like I was dying. It was the WORST pain I have ever experienced.

I went to bed sitting up against 3 pillows with a ton of drugs in me.  I didn’t sleep well as every movement was painful (even loaded with drugs).  Saturday I was still incredibly nauseous all day and literally watched Netflix non-stop.  I managed to eat a little but smells were still bothering me.  By 7pm I was able to eat the Swiss Chalet from the night before and then my appetite started to come back.  I was also able to get off the couch on my own which was a big step.  I don’t think any words can explain the pain I was in.  It was absolutely the worst thing that I have experienced and it just wouldn’t end.  Every movement was painful and I was nauseous and uncomfortable and it was just the worst.  It was a mix of sharp pains if I moved the wrong way combined with a constant pressure pain.  And I couldn’t inhale deeply or laugh because both of those things hurt too.

Saturday night I got over tired and teary but mum was there to help me.  Again I couldn’t really sleep well because of sitting up and the pain but I was able to get out of bed Sunday morning on my own!  

Magically dad never guessed a thing! We told him I was just really sick so needed to come home and he believed it!!! I was in a surgical bra plus tensor bandages to decrease swelling (I think?) and a big sweater so it definitely didn’t look like I had any physical changes.

Sunday I woke up much more myself – in a better mood and I was able to put on a new zip-up sweater and brush my teeth!  These were big steps.  I was still very sore and uncomfortable but I was in better spirits. And I was hungry again which was good.

I was determined to run the errands that I needed to do and at 11:30 mum and I went out and did it all!  We were out for 3 hours and after that I was exhausted.  The rest of the night we watched movies and that was just perfect.

Monday I went back to my place and thankfully mum carried and put away all of my groceries.  I still could not really lift anything (and was not allowed to lift more than 10 lbs for a few weeks).  Monday I was able to shower on my own though which was great.  My arms JUST reached my hair so I could wash it.

Every day is a little better than the last but the pain was honestly so unbearable the first 48 hours.  Now (4 days post-op) it is still painful but more of a constant pressure and pain that is just always there in the background.  I can’t move my arms fully but that will come.  I couldn’t believe the amount of nausea that I was feeling and the extent of the pain.

4 days post-op and I am so swollen I have more boob in my armpits and neck than I do in my actual boob!  They are also rock solid.  But this is apparently normal and the swelling and bruising should be down after 2 weeks.  They are kind of distorted as they are so swollen but I have been assured this is also normal.  One thing I don’t have is any real bruising which is good I suppose.  I am surprised as I bruise like a peach but at least they are not black and blue on top of the swelling.

I am going back to work on Thursday, November 26 and I am hoping I will be okay to get through the whole day.  I am still taking Percocets every 4 hours (along with the antibiotics they gave me) and Arnica 3x a day.  The Percs make me pretty drowsy and after a couple of hours I just need to sit because the pressure and pain is too much but that will only get better as the days go by too.  Hopefully by the end of the week I can be off the Percs, but we will see.  I am just a lot slower than normal.  I am usually a fast walker who likes to get from A to B as fast as possible, but now I am just sauntering along at a snails pace and it drives me nuts!  I am just taking one day at a time and trying not to overdo myself.  Netflix and chill in the most literal sense.  All day every day.

I just can’t wait for the swelling to be down and have proper looking boobs with some cleavage!  


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