‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle

6/10 – So-so in my opinion

The beginning of this book describes a type of meditation that my dad practices, where you are supposed to just let thoughts come and go and focus on divine light in your heart. I know this is something that I really should be could benefit from practicing as I have a mind that does not shut off, I have trouble sleeping, I get stressed over things that I don’t have to do until next month…but I just cannot get into the practice of meditation!  That is probably a sign that I could really benefit as sitting still thinking about nothing is basically impossible. Maybe this should could be a goal for 2017.

It describes pain as something to accept but not to focus on – don’t judge and analyze it, just stay present and observe what is happening inside of you.

The past and future are both illusions and projections of the mind of the Now – we need to focus on the present and self-observation (versus judgement) and accepting what is.

Overall message: Observe your thoughts and be in the Now

I gave it a 6/10 because while I agree with the messages, I just didn’t find it a particularly engaging book to read. But I do know that there is no point in harping on the past or stressing about the future because then we miss out on what is going on around us. However knowing these things and actually putting them into practice in daily life are definitely two different things!

Maybe I should take another look at this book after all…



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