November 25, 2015 – Day 5 Post-Op

 So sleeping still sucks.  I took 2 Percocets last night before bed but I am still waking up multiple times through the night.  It is just uncomfortable to be sleeping in an upright position like I am sitting.  I usually fall asleep either on my stomach or side so this sitting up thing is brutal.  The pain is still there but it seems to be a constant pain in the background now.  Unless I move suddenly or overstretch an arm.  Also I am DYING to crack my back but I cannot twist! It is killing me.  And my bum is going numb from all of the sitting…but too much walking around just makes the pressure on my chest feel stronger.

Also I have basically not pooed since Friday.  Well once yesterday but not a great one…these antibiotics can constipate you apparently.  I am taking the stool softener they recommend but nothing yet.  It is literally one extreme or the other with me.  So I am feeling really bloated and blah.   Not being able to do ANYTHING physical/active doesn’t help either.  But it is only a few weeks and then I should at least feel normal walking around…hopefully!

Also – wearing this bra 24/7 is getting claustrophobic.  It is so tight and not that comfortable.  I just want to be free!


November 20: Surgery

December 4: 2 weeks post-op: remove tensor

December 11: 3 weeks’ post-op: can start cardio (never) and workout lower body and have sex (I wish that was going to happen…)

January 1: 6 weeks’ post-op: can do anything and everything active 

January 15: 8 weeks’ post-op: can wear a NORMAL bra!  Bra shopping!!!

Tomorrow I am back at work…That will be interesting.  I mean I think I am fine to work, it is just by like 2 or 3 pm I am pretty exhausted.  It is the meds that are making me drowsy and so slow.  Plus the pressure gets worse as the day goes by.   Hopefully all of this swelling starts going down though.  Today is supposed to be the worst the swelling and bruising gets so fingers crossed it gets better from here on!


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