November 28, 2015 – Day 8 Post-Op

I made it through week one!  I am still taking the pain meds but am really trying to cut down because a) I don’t want to be relying on them…and I don’t feel like they do too much regardless b) I was at work Thursday and Friday and I need to not be drowsy and c) I only have a few left!

I am still not sleeping well because I need to be basically sitting up with three pillows behind me…I tried to lie down last night and it was just not great.  So that makes it pretty hard to sleep because  I want to roll onto my stomach or side so badly!  And my back is KILLING me.  All I want to do is crack it but I can’t twist and it is driving me nuts.

I am taking the arnica pill/pellet things three times a day still and started the traumeel cream which should help swelling and pain too.

Thursday was my first day back at work and I made it through the day but by the end I was in a ton of pain and pressure and just wanted to be home.  I didn’t go to the fancy work supper because I just couldn’t imagine being out all night.  

It is driving me insane not being able to do anything.  Like I just sit.  I swear my but is getting flatter than it already was which is not okay.  But I have boobs?  Humph.

My boobs are also still really stiff and like don’t move.  I just want them to be normal boobs!  My first follow-up is Dec 8th so hopefully they say all is going well!

And I can finally have ginger/garlic/my protein powder/and all of those things on that list that I had to stay away form for 2 weeks prior to surgery! I can’t have Advil or  alcohol for another week though…but then I am good to have ALL the things!


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