November 29 & 30, 2015 – Days 9 & 10 Post-Op

Still not sleeping well BUT last night (around 4ish I think…so this morning…) I took out the third pillow and just angled the two pillows so I was more or less lying down and I WAS OKAY! For the first time!  AHHH FINALLY! 

Also I didn’t take any pain meds last night and haven’t taken any today yet.  I am going to try to not take any more…I mean I don’t feel like they are doing THAT much to alleviate the pain so why bother be more drowsy than I need to be.

I swept my floors and cleaned the bathroom today though so that is positive.  I still can’t lift my arms all the way up but that will come.  And I just want these boobs to move on their own.  They are still just stiff and sitting there…if I was to  lay down flat (if I could…) they would just point straight up I know it.  Hopefully they start to “fluff” out (words used by the nurse at the clinic LOL) and look and feel and move like normal boobs soon.

I notice my right is a little larger than the left.  Mind you it was that way pre-op too so that is to be expected.  And I think my nipples are more sensitive than they were before (I never had any real feeling in my boobs…I could have gotten them pierced and probably not noticed) – but it is not like good sensitivity.  More like it kind of hurts…hopefully that will change!

November 30, 2015 – Day 10

Today is day two with no meds and it was going fine until about 3pm when I tripped going up the stairs at work and smashed my arm into my left boob.  Holy cow painful.  Started crying immediately.  I checked my stitches and thankfully they did not rip but oh my goodness it is now 6:30pm and I am still in pain.  I can take Tylenol (just not Advil) for this week so I am going to pop a few of those in a minute.
Just so much pain.  Oh and I have to empty every cupboard in my kitchen because the building is spraying for cockroaches on Thursday…and I can’t lift or reach properly so this is going to be interesting. Hopefully I can get a friend to come by after work and help me aka. empty all of my cupboards as I sit and watch?


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