December 2, 2015 – Day 12 Post-Op

Hello again! I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Christmas! Here is my diary from day 12 and as I just went back and read it wow was I GROSS! Who doesn’t wash a bra for 11 days wearing it 24/7?! I don’t think I was in a sane state of mind…

December 2, 2015 – Day 12

I am officially sleeping with only one pillow which is great but I feel filthy.  I shower in the morning and then put on this gross bra that is like a jail that I have been wearing 24/7 for ELEVEN days now.  Ugh.  So gross.  Armpit stains galore.  I cannot wait for my first check-up on December 8th and pray they say I can wear other sports bras.  I just need to wash this thing. Or burn it.  But that would not be smart right now as I cannot do a load of laundry (too much lifting/reaching/stretching)…and I could hand wash it but all that movement to scrub it is too much…I might need to ask someone to do it for me LOL
Boobs are still pretty stiff and not moving much but I see the potential.  I still feel pretty sore by the end of the day but I think that is just from normal daily movements that end up stretching the scars and whatnot.  So I will continue my lazy Netflix and chill evenings (even though it is driving me INSANE not doing anything physical!).  But it is all for the boobs so it is worth it.


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