December 4, 2015 – 14 Days Post-Op

9:00 am: Two weeks ago I had surgery! I cannot believe it!  I showered this morning and literally could not put that gross bra back on.  I am wearing a bra a co-worker let me borrow from her surgery and am going to call the clinic this morning to make sure this is okay.  If not I brought the black one to work with me…but I am praying it is okay because I just couldn’t put it back on.  And I am tensor bandage free! 

Yesterday I called and spoke with the clinic nurse because the stitches on the right side are always sore but she said it is normal for one side to be sorer than the other so that was a relief. 

And I discovered a way to kind of sleep on my side! If I have two pillows so I am higher up (but flat so I am still lying down and not slanted) then I can kind of be on my side.  My boobs don’t press down into the bed when I am higher up so it is not as painful!  This was an amazing discovery as I often fall asleep on my side and lying on my back is just not always comfortable although I usually wake up that way.

11:30 am: I spoke with the nurse at the clinic and good news! I can definitely wear a different bra now and wash this surgical one!  The one I have on is good and she also said I can buy a “mom bra” aka those bras that are in boxes that you find in Wal-Mart or The Bay that have cups and support but no underwire or padding.  So mom bras here I come!  This is amazing because I have been having the hardest time finding a dress for my work Holiday Party next Friday as this surgical bra comes up high in the back and under the armpits and has wide straps…so basically I am stuck with a high neck dress only. 

I am going on my lunch to The Bay to purchase one! I wish a Wal-Mart was around but oh well.  She said to still wear the surgical one as it provides the best support but I can definitely alternate with the one from my friend/a mom bra.  It is most important for the first couple of weeks to have the most support but now it is okay to branch out a little.  I am SO excited!  And she confirmed the tensor is safe to remove as well.  Things are looking up!


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