Expand This Moment by John Selby

10/10 – I would buy this book! And actually am not sure why I haven’t yet…

This book goes over 12 focus phrases and talks about daily meditation as something that we can do in little few minute bursts/continuously and not something we need to set aside a chunk of time for.

The focus phrases are as follows:

I choose to enjoy this moment

I feel the air flowing in and out of my nose

I feel the movements in my chest and belly as I breathe

I am aware of my whole body at once, here in this present moment

I am ready to experience the feelings in my heart

I let go of all my stress and worries and feel peaceful inside

I accept everyone I know, just as they are, and the world as it is right now

I honor and love myself just as I am

I am open to receive

I feel connected with my Source

I am here to serve, love, prosper, and to enjoy myself

I am ready to act with courage and strength

I really enjoyed this book because not overly religious/spiritual (nothing wrong with those kinds of books but I personally am not very religious) and he provides practical ways to incorporate meditation into your daily life and be present in the moment which I know I would benefit from. It sort of makes meditation something that you can just always be doing (if you stay present and go through the phrases multiple times a day) instead of something you need to set aside x minutes for, in a quiet space, sitting on the floor, etc.

Number 1 and 6 are particular phrases that I know I would benefit from focusing on more often.



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