6 Months Post-Op…and I got Botox!

May 13, 2016 – 6 Months Post-Op…and I got Botox!

Today I “graduated”!  I have not written an update in a long time but let’s just say not a lot has changed…I mean they have gotten squishier but they still do not move.  I jump, they stay, I lie on my side, and the top boob does not fall down to meet the bottom…so I was a little concerned.

My Dr. said they are totally fine.  I just may be healing a little slower so they could be a little stiffer than others at 6 months but not abnormal.  It could also be because I didn’t have a lot of extra skin beforehand so there is not as much skin to let them move around.  He said I can start doing a little massage (which is really pushing them towards each other) to help promote softening.  And if after 1 year I am still not happy then to go back.  But he has full faith that they will soften much more.

I also realize that I will never have the cleavage that I want. Even prior to my surgery my boobs were quite far apart and since the implant goes in where my natural muscle is…that will not change…I just have far apart boobs! Oh well. At least they still look great in tops and are a solid handful and perky!

So then I was going to leave but I asked Heather (nurse) about injections because they gave me a $100 off botox and I have this awful line in my forehead between by eyebrows from frowning. (It drives me nuts…even with bangs…I’ve hated it for years).  And low and behold but the Doctor who does the Botox was RIGHT THERE.  And had 15 minutes before her next appointment…

So we chatted and next thing you know I have gotten 25 units of botox in my forehead!  I still cannot believe it.

It gave me a headache for the rest of the day but this is normal apparently.  And the effects take 1-2 weeks to show so we will see!

Maybe this is going to turn into my aesthetic alteration journal (Edit:…it did!)…this stuff is addicting!  She said we can easily get rid of my smile lines/crows feet/whatever they are called.  I said next time…I mean this stuff ain’t cheap!  But the $100 off helped…and I was celebrating my 6 months? You only live once? I am getting old? 

A few times for the rest of the day I am supposed to try to frown to work the Botox into the muscles but that is it. Oh and no exercise for 24 hours which is not a problem because I wasn’t planning on it anyway! lol

We will see what it looks like in 2 weeks.  It should last 3-4 months depending on the person and how much I try to frown/usually frown (which I think is a lot without even noticing).

May 16, 2016 – 3 Days Post Botox

I can still frown.  I know it takes between 1-2 weeks to take effect…but I thought I would update this journal just to note that I can in fact frown and my lines are still quite prominent.

It might be a little stiffer in my forehead when I frown but I have no troubles doing it.  I wonder how weird it is going to be to literally not be able to frown.  Will I try to force it? Can I? This will be interesting…

May 18, 2016 – 5 Days Post Botox

It is definitely almost impossible to frown.  I don’t notice the feeling unless I consciously try to frown…and in that case it is a very strange feeling.  My eyes will squint a little but nothing between my eyebrows moves!  I can still see a hint of the biggest wrinkle/line that was there (between my brows on the right side) but it does not actually crease when I frown…because I can’t.

I wonder if it will continue to get more taught…

I can still raise my eyebrows and fully squint my eyes though (which is a good thing otherwise I would have zero expressions in the top half of my head haha).

May 27, 2016 – 2 Weeks Post Botox

I cannot frown at all but a HINT of that line is still visible to me on the right side of my frown crease!  I was hoping it would disappear totally but it almost looks like a little scar line.  It does not crease which is AMAZING so I guess that is all that matters.

Not being able to frown does not actually bother me.  I don’t notice it unless I am consciously trying to frown but I can still squint and raise my eyebrows so it doesn’t look abnormal.  

I don’t think anyone would be able to tell.  I will definitely get this done again!

…now what next…

August 17, 2016 – Just over 3 months post Botox 

I noticed this morning that I am starting to be able to frown again and see that deep crease on the right side between my eyebrows. It is not as bad as it was pre-Botox but it is definitely starting to come back.  Darn!

She said it can last up to 4ish months but it depends on how much I frown/try to frown and I have a feeling that I do it a lot. So 3 months is not bad in my mind. I will definitely 100% get it again when I am back from my trip (leaving next week for 12 days to Italy!). It was 100% worth the money.

I might get a few cc’s for my crows feet too – we will see!
Also – this Sunday (August 21st, 2016) I am getting fake eyelashes! I figure for my trip to not have to worry about mascara/eye makeup remover/q-tips/swimming/running makeup will be SO wonderful and totally worth it. I have always wanted to try it and it lasts 2-4 weeks so perfect for my trip. It is pretty expensive ($75-200 depending on number of lashes) but I will try it once and see how it goes. I have an appointment at MYNC in Toronto.


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