16 Days – 8 Weeks Post-Op

December 6, 2015 – 16 Days Post-Op

Yesterday mum and I shopped for SEVEN hours straight.  I am convinced they are pumping Oxygen into Yorkdale.  We didn’t even get hangry!

But I digress – First stop was The Bay to find me an actual bra.  I ended up buying two that do not look like “mom bras” at all and I actually really like and are incredibly comfortable! They have no underwire and no pushup but I do not need either of those things.  I was properly sized and am either a 34C or 32D but 32D seems to be basically impossible to find, especially without underwire.  So 34C it is!  

I left the store with it on because I wanted to be able to actually try on clothes and whatnot with a real, normal looking bra and it was the best feeling!  I am praying that when I go for my first check-in on Tuesday that my Dr. says it is okay to wear.  I also found two sports bras at Old Navy (same one but different colour) that fit really well and does up at the back like an actual bra which I need right now as sports bras are too tight to pull over my head.  Went to Lulu lemon and they only had 2 styles that did up that way and they did not fit well.  But Old Navy was surprisingly great (and they were 50% off so huge win!)!

December 8, 2015 – 18 Days Post-Op

This morning I had my first check-in appointment with.  My Dr. says I am healing well which is good! It is apparently normal for them to still be very stiff right now, for one to have a little more puffiness than the other and for the stitches to be really sore on one side only.  He says the sore stitches should be gone within the week.  Underneath the top stitches are very deep stitches that are attached to the ribs that actually keep the implant in place and these can be sore.

He gave the OK to all of the bras I bought which is amazing!  So long as they don’t actually push me up or in or anything and just provide support he says they are okay.  And this Friday I am officially cleared to start light movement and lower body exercises if I want.  My next appointment will be with the nurse at his clinic at the 2 month mark. And then I see him once more at 6 months and then I am officially home-free!

What is interesting is that he says do not massage the breast.  EVERY other person I have spoken to who has implants says they were told to massage to avoid hardening.  But apparently he says that they will soften on their own and massaging actually increases risk of bleeding internally and THAT can cause hardening.  He was very adamant that I do NOT massage them.  I mean I am going to do what he says but it is strange to me because everyone else says to massage!  But I am just going to follow his rules and let my boobs do their own thing in their own time I guess.

I also told him I wish I had gone bigger and he laughed – everyone apparently says this afterwards.  He recommends waiting for one year before doing anything because the bottom of the boob will still fill out a lot and the top will get more natural and flatter looking. So right now is not a good time to make that judgment.  Fine.  I will wait.  But if in one year I still think bigger is better I am going back.  He might be right. We will see.

December 11, 2015 – 21 Days Post-Op

I am officially three weeks post-op!  My Dr. said that the pain in my right stitches would be gone most likely within the week and magically since yesterday I have not had that same pain.  I suppose he does know what he is talking about in terms of length of time for healing and whatnot!  So that is great.  I can Almost fully twist to crack my back but not quite.  I still can’t sleep on my side fully but I am sure that will come.  And they still don’t move.  I just want cleavage!

I have my 8 week follow-up appointment booked for Friday, January 15th, 2016.  Exactly 8 weeks post-op.  I think that is when “after” photos will be taken at the clinic.

December 16, 2015 – 26 Days Post-Op

Last night I slept on my side!!!!!! It was not like 100% comfortable but it was pretty darn close.  Now if I could only sleep on my stomach I would be golden!

The ladies still do not move but I am noticing that they are getting a little softer to the touch, which is positive.  I will randomly get a pain in the deep stitches on the right side still but generally that is if I overreach or twist the wrong way.  

December 19, 2015 – 29 Days Post-Op

For two days now I have this deep pain in the right stitches.  But the inner stitches, not the surface ones. I think I might call on Monday to ask about this.  I am thinking it is because it is getting more comfortable to sleep so I might be getting into positions that strain it over time but I want to be sure.  Tylenol helps.

I also took off the steri-strips today.  When I went for my check-in they put new ones on and Dr. Edelstein said that when they start to peel I can remove them and start with scar cream.  He said it would probably in a couple of weeks.  Well after showering today I noticed they were starting to peel so I just removed them.

I saw my scars for the first time! They are both about 2 inches and they don’t look that bad (mind you I am not sure what other peoples look like…).  The left one is a little lower than the boob crease so I hope that changes as my boob settles because I don’t want it visible with a bathing suit or anything.  The right is just above the crease, which is where I think it should be.

December 22, 2015 – 32 Days Post-Op

The pain is gone! I think I was sleeping in a bad position.  Hurray!  The scar on the right side (all of my issues are with this dang right boob!) are quite raised/bumpy but the left scar is smooth.  I hope this evens out.

I think overall things are progressing properly.  Hopefully I don’t have any more issues.  I probably won’t keep writing until my next check-in appointment on January 15th – unless something worth mentioning occurs!

December 31, 2015 – 41 Days Post-Op

TOMORROW IS SIX WEEKS!  That means I can technically do anything activity-wise!  I spoke with the nurse yesterday just to confirm everything and she said that so long as it feels okay I can do it. I am medically cleared to do anything but it might feel funny and take some time to get used to. 

January 15, 2016 – 8 weeks Post-Op

So yesterday I thought I broke my boob.  Yesterday morning I did something – no idea what – and I swear I felt something shift inside me and then all day my left boob was hurting.  It was more behind the boob so the muscle? I was freaking out that I somehow popped the silicone (not possible?) but I was freaked because something moved!

I didn’t call the clinic because today was my 8 week appointment so I figured I would wait to see.  This morning it felt better and Heather (nurse) said that I probably just over stretched my muscle (which logically I knew…) or that I possibly popped one of the dissolvable stitches inside which is fine because they dissolve over time regardless.  She said that I could possibly have felt the implant move a little but not to worry because it has nowhere to really go.  So that is positive.

Otherwise they are healing fine.  She said it can take up to 6 months for them to settle and move and become soft so it is just a waiting game now!  I can officially wear underwire but I don’t think I will until they move because there is nothing to push up…because they don’t move… but at least I technically can.

My next appointment (and last!) is May 6.  This is my 6 month post-op appointment and when I officially “graduate”.  The appointment will be with my Dr. and Heather.

I am also starting this strange silicone patch thing for scars.  Somehow it helps reduce scarring.  It is like a little sticky patch and I don’t understand how it works but apparently it does so we will see!


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