Eyelash Extensions

August 28 2016 – Fake eyelashes...not at MYNC

So I decided not to go to MYNC. A girl at work gets hers done by a woman who works from home and charges $120 flat rate for a whole set. This works out to WAY cheaper than MYNC because there a package of 45 lashes per eye is like $160+tax and apparently a full set is around 50 lashes +/- per eye! I was thinking of just the 30 lash package but my coworker) said that will barely look like anything.

So thrilled she suggested her person! She books up super fast though so she is going to work extra late for me and see me Tuesday at 8pm. Yay!

August 24, 2016 – Eyelashes

I am IN LOVE with these lashes! It took her almost 2 full hours and she estimates she put 75-85 lashes PER eye! I am SO happy I didn’t go to MYNC. I would have spent $195 + tax for 75 lashes and would definitely not been happy with any less.

This might become addicting. They are gorgeous! The whole sleeping on your back is a bit tricky as I like to turn onto my sides/stomach but I will just have to manage.

It was incredible waking up this morning looking basically ready for the day!

Next time (yes there will probably be a next time…) I will get the ones with the most curl. She went with the next curl level down and they are more straight than I would ideally want them but still stunning.


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