Lashes, Botox and Boobs (I have a concern)

Hello all! In this long post I will talk about how I will probably not get eyelash extensions again and why, a concern I have with my boobs and Botox vs. Dysport.

Enjoy 🙂

October 24, 2016 – Overall update

So first of all, eyelashes! Mine legit lasted SO LONG. I ONLY used cleansing clothes and basically didn’t get my face under direct water at all and they legit lasted like 6 weeks looking good. They did obviously fall out a little but even today I still had almost 15 lashes/eye left at least!

I did remove them this evening because they just weren’t looking full but I did not enjoy getting them off. I just rubbed them gently over and over but they were not coming off. I feel like I lost half my eyelashes forcing it  😦  And now I have like none…So I am changing my mind…I don’t know if I will ever get them again! I know you are supposed to get them professionally removed but booking a time to get it done was just not what I wanted to do…I got impatient.

They were gorgeous but expensive and something that you either always do or do for a special occasion I think. And I definitely cannot afford to have them permanently. I might try do-it-yourself ones you can buy from beauty supply stores…I just hope they all grow back quickly!

Botox: I have my second appointment on Thursday (Oct 27, 2016). I got it May 13, 2016 so this will be 5 ½ months and I am only now feeling like I have an actual crease coming back between my eyebrows so want it again. 2x per year is doable for me! And it is still not nearly as bad as it was before I ever got it so I am hoping much less ccs worth.

Boobs: A couple of weeks ago I noticed that on my right boob in particular I can see the implant if I raise my arms or flex my chest/arms…like on the underboob, I can see the outline. This is something new and I am a little concerned because I got it under the muscle so why is it visible?

When I go in on Thursday I will be seeing the nurse and she is going to take a look.

October 27, 2016 – Botox and Boobs

Boobs: I met with the nurse this morning and after looking at them it appears as though the right has dropped a little more than the left (this was a concern of mine previously but it was indicated that the right was always lower than the left pre-op so this is normal to still be lower) – but it looks like it has dropped even more recently.

Because of the implant dropping, it is more visible because less of the implant is covered by my muscle. So it does make sense…but it is still a concern of mine because I don’t want the implant visible. Also, is it going to keep dropping?

She took photos and said that she will talk with the Dr. about it. She said that some dropping is normal so if it doesn’t get any worse this might be normal BUT if there is a concern that maybe the implant is not being held up by the fold enough and could therefore keep dropping the Dr. will do something.

I have a follow-up with the Dr. December 21st (he is booked until then) – but if he feels there is an issue I will be booked to come in sooner.

So I feel good about this – hopefully it is nothing…but I still don’t want the implant showing at all.

Botox: I saw the Dr. today and she recommended another 25 units (same as the first time) and to use something new…She has been using a new product called Dysport for the past 6 months. It is essentially the same as Botox but was developed in the UK and was used there for the past 20-30 years and came to Canada 5 years ago. The risks are the same as Botox but there are a few more benefits: it takes effect in about 3 days (Botox 7-14) and it typically lasts 2-3 weeks longer too. SO why not!

She showed me a before photo to compare what it is now (6 months later) and WOW it is still like 50% better! I cannot believe how BAD the frown lines were when I look at that photo! So the Botox really lasted for me well.

She did recommend 25 units again just to make sure it lasts another 6 months but I told her financially I can’t manage this right now…($10/unit). She dropped it to 19 units but said she really wouldn’t go lower than that otherwise I will not see the same results and it won’t last as long.

So we did 19 units. Again I didn’t feel a thing and am looking forward to not being able to frown again LOL.

Update: 4:20 pm (received the Dysport at 10:00am) – I DEFINITELY have a headache. This is normal though (one of the side effects on the day of). It has been small and lingering all day but is getting stronger. It is also raining and gross and cold out so that probably doesn’t help. But the headache is real.

October 29, 2016 – 2 days post-Dysport

Dysport is working. Even yesterday I found I could not frown/make the crease in between my eyebrows appear! I did still have a headache all yesterday but I think that was also because I had a really bad sleep the night before. So probably a combo of the Dysport + bad sleep.

Now I definitely can tell we did less units because while I cannot frown/make the crease in between my eyebrows appear, I can kind of move above my eyebrows and make a sort of frowning feeling. So it is not as far reaching as it was the first time but we went from 25 units to 19 units so that makes sense to me. My main area of concern is the frown between my eyebrows so as long as this is not happening I am a happy camper!

And I am totally impressed with how long it took to start working. Even yesterday (ONE day later) I couldn’t really frown at all.
I hope it lasts 6 months again!

Update: December 15th, 2016: I honestly had a lingering headache for about 4 weeks after the Dysport which I did not get with the Botox. I spoke with the Dr. and she said this can occur but it should go away as the injection wears off as it is not something that lasts. I think next time I will go back to the Botox because I did not notice the mild headache for weeks. It did go away but I would prefer no lingering headache at all.


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