1 Year Post-Op Appointment!

December 3, 2016 – 1 year Post Boob-Op Appointment

(well 1 year and 2 weeks post-op) – WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!

I met with my yesterday. I expressed my concerns about the right breast being significantly lower than the left (I have a little mole under my right boob that I feel has been moving closer and closer to the boob fold – this is my marker). He took a look and said that he doesn’t think I should be worried.

He felt them and said they are fairly soft so does not think that hardening will be a concern and he thinks that because we are at one year (which I absolutely cannot believe), any movement that will occur probably has. He brought up pre-op photos and it is true, my right boob was always lower than my left so I might just be noticing it more now because they are bigger…

But when we looked at 3 month post-op vs. 1 year post-op it definitely has gotten more noticeable. But this could just be the natural healing/softening as at 3 months they were still pretty taught and high up in general.

He also said that he wouldn’t want to do any surgery to move the right higher because then the tops of my boobs will be off. Right now the tops are pretty in line with each other and my nipples too so if he hikes the right up (his words), then it might look funny in a bra, etc.

He said to just keep an eye on it and if I notice it does get worse in the next few months then for sure to call and we can schedule something but he doesn’t think it will. He also said to continue wearing some support most of the time (even to bed).

I will admit that I stopped wearing a sports bra to bed for a few months…but started again 2 months ago…and I will continue. It actually isn’t uncomfortable. I don’t even notice it. I am also wondering if my nightly reading habit has added to this. I read every night before bed (fiction, a lot of YA and fantasy – give me all of the wizards and magic!) and I ALWAYS lie on my right side so my right boob is being more squished by my arm/the bed/my body weight…I wonder if this could have made the implant move more or become more visible or like soften more so it has dropped more…hmm.

Last night I tried to read on my left side and it is so not comfortable. I don’t know why I can get the perfect position for my arms on my right side but not on my left! So annoying. I will try again tonight though. Maybe if I do it for a year straight my boobs will even out. LOL


Also a little Dysport update – the headaches did stop after a few weeks but ext time I might go back to the Botox (yep there will be a next time!). I cannot frown and I LOVE it. That sounds very bizarre I know but it makes me so happy to not have those lines! I can still raise my eyebrows/do every expression so no one would know except me. Or if my bangs are pulled away and you ask me to frown and I can’t…but that would be really weird if someone asked me to…



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