Coconut Oil on Errthang!

**Update: Feb 21, 2017 will be at the bottom

Happy Friday! I cannot believe we are basically at the end of January. Yes I consider the 20th the end. My weekend is so busy that it is practically over which means it is already Monday and that is the 24th which is almost the 27th which practically is the end of the month. So yes January is over!

On another note…lotion is expensive and face/eye cream just ridiculous…so in November I decided to start using coconut oil as my sole body lotion and face cream. I had heard of people using coconut oil as lotion, in their hair, etc. and I love it for cooking so I thought why not give it a shot. I did Google it first and lo and behold it is true! Tons of people use it as body lotion! This is a good sign. Apparently it has antiseptic properties (good for acne and Vitamin A and E too.

Since November, after I shower I put a little dollop in my hand (yes from the same jar that also makes its way to my kitchen) and rub my hands together to make it liquid. I then just rub it all over my entire body. I actually start with a tiny bit and use it on my face first, then I move to my body. If you don’t use a lot then it does not get greasy and I can put my clothes on right away which I love. I was honestly surprised at this when I first started.

I have been told that coconut oil is not the most hydrating oil so it might not be enough in the winter but so far I don’t have any dry skin (knocks wood). I might just mix some olive oil into it if it does start to get dry…but I don’t really want to smell like olive oil… The coconut oil doesn’t smell at all.

I know that it probably does not have all of the properties that fancy face/eye creams have to delay aging, help reduce puffiness and wrinkles and all that but to be honest who knows if those products actually work anyway. Plus this way I am also not putting chemicals on my skin! (I mean I do still use lotion throughout the day on my hands. And I am not anti-regular creams, I am just trying to be more cost efficient).

Honestly, I would be happy if it saves me money and doesn’t make my skin any worse! And about a month or so after using it a coworker randomly said that the area under my eyes was looking particularly smooth!!! WHAT WHAT WHATTTTT. I had been only using coconut oil for about 4 weeks and I hadn’t told anyone! That was very exciting.

I personally have not noticed any change but I see myself every day and think I have wicked bad lines under my eyes and crow’s feet from smiling regardless. It could be a fluke that she said that or the fact that I was wearing eyeliner so maybe that brightened up my under eye area…but it might be real! No one has said anything since but my mum also has not commented on my skin looking worse and she would definitely tell me so I am just going to keep on using it until I have a reason not to.

And if you go to CostCo you can get this one for LESS THAN $30!!!! I am set for the next year at least 🙂


I’d love to know your thoughts on coconut oil as a skincare product and if you decide to try it for yourself.

Or if you use it for anything else! I have not tried it as a hair mask yet…

**Update: Feb 21, 2017 – When I wrote this post I had not actually started using this Kirkland bran that I have a photo of here. I was using up whatever random brand I had on hand and it had zero smell. Well I opened this sucker last night and woah does it smell like coconut! Now then I love the smell and don’t mind putting it all over my face and body but if you do not like the smell of coconut do NOT buy this brand! The smell does dissipate after a little bit of time and you do not feel like a tanning salon for every but initially it 100%  smells like a coconut.

So if you love that smell then buy this! I enjoy it. Although it makes me want to just lick it off my fingers…which I might try…shh. 🙂


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