Dry Skin…Ugh Wintertime

Happy Friday!

It has been a little while since I have posted a blog. It is incredible how busy life gets and how you blink and an entire day/week/month has passed! Like pardon me where did January go? How are there only 11 more months until 2018? I am basically already 29 years old. Yes my birthday is in November…

But back to the topic at hand. I know I posted previously about using coconut oil as my only body and face cream. I started this in the fall and it had been going great…until about 2 weeks ago…when the dry skin finally hit me. This winter business is not okay.

I know that coconut oil is not the most hydrating of oils so I was aware this might happen but figured I would just wait to see. And alas, my legs have been getting a little dry and my face as well.

So what have I done? Stop using it and spend gazillions on lotions/creams again? No way hose!

I still use the coconut oil on my face and body after I shower but what I have been doing is taking just a small squirt of regular body lotion (I have Jergens right now…but buy whatever is on sale) and adding that on top to where I have noticed the dry skin. a little goes a super long was as my skin is already a little hydrated from the coconut oil.

And for my face, I have just been putting on a face cream at night before bed after I wash my face. I am just using whatever I still had in my cupboard. Clearly I am not someone who swears by one brand over another.

So I have found that with these two little tweaks my skin is back to being its healthy hydrated self!

I just wanted to post an update so I am not being a coconut oil fraud.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of laughter and love and tea and blankets because it is friggin cold!



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