Product Review: Mini Waffle Maker

Hello! It has been a hot minute since I wrote a post and that is not okay! I have been wanting to write this one for quite a few weeks now and have…well…just been so busy! But that is no excuse.

I have wanted a waffle maker for months and months but I have not purchased one because 1) they can be expensive and 2) I seriously don’t have the space for one. Like zero counter space and even less cupboard space to store it. So that posed a bit of a problem. I mean I could store it on the floor in a corner, or like beside my couch…but that would be weird.

So over the holidays I saw this mini waffle maker at Urban Outfitters and I fell in love. It came in light pink and a light tealy-blue which I loved.


Don’t ask me why I did not buy it when I saw it but I didn’t…and next thing you know it is sold out and they might not be getting more. Womp womp. #WaffleFail

I kept checking back and about 2 weeks ago I was in another Urban Outfitters and…they had ONE left! It was the pink one but still. I was so excited.

I have been making mini waffles every day for a few weeks now. I am obsessed. Now then a few things I want to mention:

  1. When they say mini they are not kidding. They are smaller than eggos so you have to set aside like 15 solid minutes to make them. I get 6ish waffles for the amount of batter that would make one normal waffle.
  2. There is no heat setting or on/off button. You simply plug it in and when the light turns off it is heated.
  3. You don’t know exactly when they are done – it is more of a guestimating game. I generally look to see when the steam has stopped rising and when the light has turned back off. Typically just a 2ish minutes.
  4. It is non-stick so yay. I have found that some flours seem to stick a little so I just spray it if the first one sticks.
  5. Super easy clean up! There is typically nothing left on it but if there is I just wipe it off once cooled.

I have tried a couple recipes that generally involved 1-2 tbsp flour + an egg. I have also tried a scoop of protein powder + an egg and that is great too! (known as the 1 carb waffle that I know a ton of people post about on IG but I found from Amanda Bucci @amandabuccifit)

I am gluten-free so have tried coconut flour and it works but makes them more squishy/spongy if that makes sense.

I also tried a Bobs Red Mill flour blend but it was NOT yummy – the flours used were garbanzo bean and whatnot so it tasted…beany…not as sweet as the coconut flour. And no amount of syrup could mask this flavour.

I am going to buy waffle/pancake mix soon as this will be less effort but I’m having fun experimenting!

So yes overall I am in love and obsessed. It fits perfectly on my counter and is just so tiny and cute. I definitely recommend this! It would also be super cute for little kids to make kid-sized waffles.

You can find it here at Urban Outfitters:





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