My experience with Acupuncture

A few weeks ago I decided to try traditional Chinese acupuncture. I have SO many stomach/digestive issues (won’t get into it too much here…right now at least) and sleep issues (take forever to fall asleep, wake up 2x/night, insomnia, etc.) and apparently have some hormonal imbalances so figured why not try! Plus our benefits at work cover it so that helps 🙂

I always thought acupuncture was sticking like 30+ needles in your back but apparently it can be done anywhere on your body. My first treatment I had 2 in my stomach and 3 in my legs (1 just below each knee and one near my right ankle). I was told that your stomach is supposed to be full of heat and mine is not hot enough and I don’t have enough blood. So the points that were poked were to increase the heat in my stomach and to increase my production of blood. I also have raynauds and was told that this circulation issue can also be fixed by increasing the amount of blood I have. All very interesting.

The pricking does not hurt but it did send a weird tingle down my legs when those were done. I then just had to lie there for 20-30 minutes. I asked if I could have my phone and was told no…that I was supposed to try to not think (aka meditate…aka something I massively struggle with…I cannot turn off my mind!). 20 minutes later the acupuncturist came back and I explained my struggle with my mind so he put one in between my eyebrows (I asked if this was a problem with Botox – he said no lol), however this one kind of hurt so all I could think about for the next 15 minutes was that! Lol #fail.

After roughly 30 minutes he pulled the needles out and I was good to go! He also told me that I need to eat more hot foods and to cook all of my vegetables to help increase the heat in my stomach versus eating them raw.

I have had roughly 4 sessions now (one per week as he suggested). The spots that are poked changes each week based on how I am feeling/what has been going on that week and we discuss this at the beginning of the appointment. Sometimes I am poked in the back, stomach, shins, hands and even ears. I don’t think I have ever had more than 10 needles in one session though.

 I am supposed to have started seeing an increase in my energy and not be as cold all the time as well as have less bloating and gas. Honestly, I am not sure I have noticed a huge difference in the energy or coldness (as this is very weather dependant). In terms of the bloating, I have been really dialling in on my diet and making SURE to be fully GF and LF which I know I need to be. I also still get the bloating and it is so random that I am not sure I have noticed a definite lessening of this. 

I mean I can’t say that is has not worked at all but I can’t say for sure that I have noticed any significant changes. Maybe if I had simpler issues (like a chronic back pain or something?) it would be easier to notice a change? Regardless, I will go a few more times and see if I notice anything.

I would love to know if anyone else has had any positive or negative experiences with acupuncture! And if so what their issues were prior to seeking treatment.

I hope this was helpful to someone 🙂


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