NYX Product Review

Happy Sunday! I have recently discovered a new (well new to me…) makeup brand that I am completely obsessed with. I had never heard of NYX until a couple of months ago when I was introduced to their Liquid Crystal Liner.

Let me preface this with saying on a daily basis I do not wear a lot of makeup. I don’t wear foundation (pressed powder and bronzer only) and usually just mascara. This is not because my skin is perfect and I don’t need it…I am just lazy lol. But I do have a lot of makeup and occasionally love a poppin eye or scandalous lip. I am also obsessed with all things sparkly.

Years ago I had an Urban Decay sparkly eyeliner and loved it so much and wanted another but they are stupid expensive. I was introduced (as a Christmas gift) to the NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in Silver and was hooked. It is exactly like the Urban Decay but legit 1/3 the price! So that was a win. I then bought 3 more (Pewter, Aqua and Onyx). I love them all. The Onyx could act as just a black liquid eyeliner and the others are fun. I wear them on the outer edge of my eye (top and bottom).

I also tried a couple of their Extreme Shine Eyeliners which are pencils you sharpen but are super soft and go on really nicely. I have Tropical Green and Golden Bronze. Both go on smoothly on top as well as on the bottom inner eye. Love. I have green eyes so the Tropical Green goes really nicely and the Golden Bronze is great for everyday.

After these purchases I found myself back at NYX again…but this time for my lips! I wanted a nude and bought the Lip Lingerie in Ruffle Trim. It is a liquid lipstick that dries matte and stays on all day. I do like it better than other brands I have tried though because it doesn’t make your lips feel super dry and cakey and like you can’t even talk properly. Not sure if that is just me but SO many liquid lipsticks/lip stains make me feel like my lips are all crusty! This one does not.

I now have two of the Lip Creams which are also brilliant. They are also a stain but even softer than the Lip Lingerie. They don’t get as dry but still are super long lasting. If you cannot stand lip stains that dry super matte I would 100% go for these. I have Prague which is a really nice rosey pink and Copenhagen which is like a really deep purpley/red/sexiness/seductress colour. Make sense? No? Well it’s great.

One thing I don’t like about regular lipsticks in deep/rich colours is that they bleed. I was worried about this with the Lip Cream in Copenhagen so the sales associate suggested a lip liner. I didn’t even realize people still used lip liners?! Now then you don’t NEED it with the Lip Cream as they don’t bleed that I have found but the Matte Lip Liner (also in Copenhagen) just makes it last that much longer! Plus they have the matching colours so that is useful.

The products above are what I have collected since Christmas…and today I went in because hello 20% off coupon! And I actually need a new pressed powder…and have decided that I should probably get one with a tinsy bit more coverage as I could use it… lol

I hate shimmer all over my face (always buy matte powder and bronzer) but tried the Nofilter Finishing Powder which provides a light coverage and has a little bit of a sunkissed glow to it but not like shimmery. Hope that makes sense. Anyways I liked it and it does provide more coverage than I usually use and just felt nice and light on my skin. I went with Light Beige.

And then the lovely sales associate started showing me ALL the tings! I went with the Pin-Up Pout in Individualistic. This is a regular lipstick but goes on REALLY smoothly and this colour is a browny/nude but it has a super cool blue undertone that mildly shows in the light. Love love love. And I also went with the Lip Lustre in Rustic Mirage. This is a lip gloss which I normally don’t like because I hate it when your lips feel sticky and if your hair gets on them and gets all stuck and gross. Ya know? BUT but buttttt I tried it on and wow it is SO soft! Not sticky! For real! And it does leave a light stain/colour on your lips once it has come off so that is nice too. The Rustic Mirage is a great rosy/nude that would probably look good on everyone and go with everything. I am thinking it will also be great to wear over some of the stains I have.

The last two things I purchased today are two more eyeliners but they are the new liners specifically for your inner eye! This is where I usually wear my liner anyways because I suck at getting it on top (can never make it a smooth line and cat eye? Ha I wish!). These are also super smooth and go on nicely. Some pencil liners from other brands I have bought in the past don’t really go on well. Like you have to go over and over and over until the colour finally shows up. Ever have that? Well these don’t! They go on so well right away. I went with the Faux Blacks in Blackberry Inner Eye Liner which is like a eggplanty colour as well as the Faux Whites in White Smoke Inner Eye Liner. I have never tried a white eyeliner but when I put it on it really did just make my eye look so much brighter! This shade has a hint of purple which I love as it is not as harsh as flat white and it goes nicely with my greeny eyes.

So yes it is safe to say I am OBSESSED with NYX products. They are also incredibly affordable. As cheap, if not less, than what you find in the drugstore and way better quality in my opinion. I also love all of the sales associates in the store who happily help me find and try on ALL the things.


*Not pictured is the lip liner…I forgot…oops!*


3 thoughts on “NYX Product Review

      1. I found this Butter Lipstick ( I have it in pops explosif) it’s so long lasting & soft, I love it. I’m planning on getting a few more shades. But I have a feeling it might be a discontinued line? They do. Butter Lip Gloss too. Love it. 😃

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