You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

I loved this book. Definitely a 9/10 (no such thing as a perfect book right?). I highly recommend this book! I mean grab it from the library first but you will probably want to buy it. 🙂

So here are my key takeaways from learning that I AM a badass. And you are too!

If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done. This is a big one for me and I think most people. We get comfortable and complacent with our current lives and even though we may want a future that looks different, we may not really be prepared to take the steps required to get there!

Everyone has two minds:

  • Conscious mind – what we think we want
    • Forms in adolescence
    • Thinks it is in control but really is not
  • Unconscious mind – actually in control of our thoughts and therefore actions
      • Determined in childhood
      • Based on what we saw/heard
      • Takes everything at face value
  • Conscious mind is controlled by our beliefs from our unconscious mind

First we need to become aware of our limiting subconscious beliefs i.e. seeing yourself as not spiritual but this only limits you whereas if you are open to believing then you may find that you are drawn to certain religious/spiritual beliefs after all.

The Law of Attraction: Focus on what you want/makes you feel good and you will attract those things.

  • All based on vibrations and frequency of these energy vibrations
  • The universe matches whatever frequency you put out

Your Ego limits you and is based on past and present beliefs. It gains validation from outside sources, is fear based and reactive. Your ego is what keeps you in your comfort zone and supports your limiting subconscious beliefs. It will do everything it can to stop you from making massive life changes by setting up emotional blocks.

This is versus your True Self – validation from within, proactive, lives in the present, is connected to Source Energy. You need to stop caring about what other people think about you – what matters is what you think about you and what you do about it. You cannot control other people’s reactions, only your own.

You must first change your thinking and beliefs before you can change your reality.

Gratitude – when you express and feel gratitude you are expending positive energy which makes it reflect back to you – even for the negative things, find something in them to be grateful for.

  • Staying in gratitude and focusing on what is good keeps you connected to Source Energy
  • Have Faith – believe in the not-yet-seen
  • Being in gratitude for the not-yet manifested tells the Universe that you know that you desire already exists and puts you at the right frequency to receive it

Let go of resentment and forgive

  • Forgiving does not let the other person off the hook but it does let you off the hook
  • It is about being nice to yourself
  • Erase the other person from the equation: It is about you anyway – if there is no one to be mad at, it is hard to be angry.
    • Ask yourself: Why did this happen? How was I involved? What did I attract this to me? How can I grow from this?

What you choose to focus on becomes your reality – our entire experience is determined by how we choose to perceive our reality

How to get over your BS:

  • List your old stories that you have gotten into the habit of saying/thinking
  • Journal the false rewards you get from them
  • Feel into these and thank them and decide to let them go
  • Take each false reward and write a new story to replace it with
  • Repeat this new story/affirmation over and over until it becomes your truth
    • What are the stories I am telling myself that are stopping me from attaining my goals? Why am I continuing these?
  • Then you need to take action, get out of your routine and make change

If you are serious about changing your life, you will find a way – if not, you will find an excuse!

Fear – is your fear greater than your faith in the unknown?

  • What am I scared of? What is holding me back? What is the worst that can happen?
  • Our greatest fears are the greatest waste of time.
  • Need to find out what you are REALLY afraid of and then flip it to make it work for you

The things that bother us most about other people do so because they remind us of something that we don’t like about ourself! If you actively don’t like something it is because on some level it resonates with you/it has some meaning to you. Ask yourself: What am I getting out of being this way?

  • Even if what we are getting is false beliefs, we are getting something out of it
    • There may be positives but there are also negatives to the current behaviours
    • Need to figure out the false rewards (what am I getting out of it?)
    • How would you feel if you weren’t this way?

We often pretend we have made a decision when we have really just signed up to try it until it gets too uncomfortable. We almost trick ourselves into thinking we are making progress towards our goals! I know I have done this more than once. I tell myself over and over I am getting one step closer but then I get a little uncomfortable and tell myself that one day going back to my old ways won’t hurt…and one turns to two, to three, etc. But we have to realize that change only happens with discomfort.

If you make the decision to reach your goals you will do whatever it takes. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable…and this is no easy task! 


  • Focus on money coming to you, imagine receiving all that you need, visualize how you will spend it and feel it in your bones – make this an affirmation and say it daily
  • Need to be wealthy psychologically, spiritually, energetically and materially
  • Be in action mode – not reaction mode – don’t act like a victim and instead create a life that is incredible
  • Envision yourself with this money and the specific things/experiences that it will provide
    • What we attach to money is what matters – write it out and read it daily “I see myself making…so grateful for this…etc.


  • We think we need to take charge of a situation (fear based thinking) instead of having faith and gratitude and allowing the Universe to deliver (love based thinking)
  • Get clear on what you desire, see it/feel it/believe it is already here, decide you will have it, inform the Universe of your intention by behaving and thinking like you have it, connect with the possibility/meditate, take ACTION, be grateful and surrender/let it go

Doing – Lots of people wish for change and really want it and are willing to invest the time and money into it but ultimately are not willing to get uncomfortable enough to make anything happen which means they don’t want it as bad as they say they do. You need to get uncomfortable to keep moving and growing and evolving. Obstacles and challenges are the agents of growth. Kick your bad habits out – pay attention to areas of your life you are not thrilled about and figure out what bad habits create them and change to good habits. Be more present/mindful throughout the entire day. Surround yourself with people who make you feel great/have qualities you desire and make sure to set honest goals.

Overall this book has a LOT of useful content. She writes in a very readable, enjoyable manner and I truly believe that everyone can benefit from reading this book. These are just some of my key takeaways but I know there is so much more in there! 

I hope you enjoy this post and pick up the book for yourself because you ARE a badass and deserve to start believing so!



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