Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Help

Did you know that a recruiter can make a decision about your resume within 10 seconds of looking at it?

Um pardon me?! But I have 4 beautiful pages eloquently written out and you are saying someone decides to trash it in 10 seconds?!

Unfortunately this is reality. So while you may be the best person for the job, if your resume is not conveying that within a quick glance, you may be overlooked.

So where do I come in? Well I am an HR Professional who is passionate about helping others achieve their goals and land their dream job that can turn into their career and eventually their calling.

I provide resume and cover letter help to anyone who is looking for a new job, has lost their job, looking to make a career change, etc. I will work with you to edit your resume and cover letter to ensure you are putting your best self forward to potential employers and recruiters.

We will work together to make changes that will highlight your skills and qualifications and I can provide interview help as well.

Do not be discouraged if you have been applying for ages but have not heard back! You may just need a few tweaks to get noticed.

Send me an email and I will be happy to chat about working together to help you take the next step in your career.